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Are you ready for wildfire?

Wildfire Vulnerability Assessments

In light of the tragic wildfires of 2011 that scorched more than 4 million acres and 300,000 homes across Texas, Plateau wants to remind you of an important service: Wildfire Vulnerability Assessments. In 2011, our team was certified by the Texas Forest Service as Certified Wildfire Ecology Specialists to properly assess your property for wildfire hazards, and we want to share this knowledge with you.


What is a Wildfire Vulnerability Assessment?

The Wildfire Vulnerability Assessment takes a holistic look at your property to determine the relative wildfire threat to your home, barn, or other structures of interest. From this on-site consultation, our Certified Wildfire Ecology Specialists will then prepare a report to determine the wildfire vulnerability of your structures and the key factors that put them at risk. Finally, we’ll make specific recommendations that can help protect your home and reduce the threat of losing structures to wildfire.


Wildfire Risk Assessments start at $595* purchased as a stand-alone service, or $395* as an add-on to a Bird Survey or other site visit. If you already have a site visit or a bird survey schedule and would like to add this service, please contact us today. If you’re interested in scheduling a Bird Survey, Biologist Consultation, Habitat Assessment, Wildlife Management Valuation (WMV) Compliance Consultation, or other site visits to your property, please contact us to discuss adding a Wildfire Vulnerability Assessment to this site visit.

*Price includes assessment of 1 residential structure and up to 2 associated outbuildings with a written report and photographs of specific hazardous conditions with recommendations for mitigating your vulnerability. Each additional structure/outbuilding is $100 each.  All other wildfire prevention services are sold separately.


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