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From Wildlife Management Plans and Annual Reports to Wildlife Surveys and Predator Control, Plateau is a one-stop-shop for all of your land and wildlife management needs.

Annual Reports

Picture1With more and more CADs requesting this report every year, it is essential that qualifications are met and well documented for each year, and on all wildlife management properties. In addition to our traditional Annual Report preparation service, Plateau offers several options to help give landowners guidance and peace of mind.
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Annual Service Agreements

Many Plateau clients simply don’t have the time, desire or ability to do all of their wildlife management activities on themselves. Whether it’s compliance with the County Appraisal Districts (CADs) that you’re after or premium land stewardship, Plateau recommends a Annual Service Agreement to any landowner who wants the ease and peace of mind knowing that his or her land management is taken care of.
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Wildlife Biologist Consultation

Plateau professionals perform an on-site assessment of your land to discuss your vision for your land and how the specific characteristics of your land will support that vision. The information from this meeting can be used to clarify if Wildlife Management is right for you, to create the basis of your Wildlife Management Plan, or update your existing plan.
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Property Tax Consultation

One of Plateau’s Registered Property Tax Consultants will assess the current tax status of your property, make recommendations for actions to attain your goals regarding your property tax status, and represent you in matters concerning your property tax status in interactions with governing authorities.
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Seasonal Bird Surveys

Conducted by Plateau’s experienced wildlife biologists with decades of combined birding experience. Spring Breeding and Wintering Resident Bird Surveys are ideal for landowners interested in inventorying and observing bird species that utilize their property.
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Wildlife Surveys

deer at block feederPlateau can help you estimate and manage your deer numbers through our Spotlight Deer Counts and Remote Camera Surveys. It is essential that proper protocols are followed each year to generate useful numbers for determining harvest levels and meeting wildlife management goals.
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Habitat Assessment

For landowners interested in learning more about your property and its unique characteristics, an on-site habitat assessment by one of Plateau’s master-level wildlife biologists can be invaluable. An assessment includes, for example, the types of wildlife your land can support, how to improve the habitat for desired species or for game
populations for hunting, the identity of your plants and their ecological value, and the most appropriate ways of managing your different habitat types to reach your goals.
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Water Resource Consultation

Ecolabe PCFew things offer more enjoyment and give your land greater value than its water resources, which is why Plateau is excited to offer our Water Resource Consultation Service. With this vital service, you will learn more about where your water resources lie (even if you can’t see them at the moment), how historical and current uses and land management practices have influenced your land’s water resources, and what you can do to improve and sustain the health of your water resource now and in the future.
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Fire Ant Control

Not only are fire ants a nuisance to humans, but they also impact wildlife including deer, quail, and other ground nesting birds. Fire ants prey on and compete with other insects for the same food sources. In addition to documented predation on a wide variety of small animals, research has demonstrated a 75% reduction in insect numbers in areas infested by fire ants. This creates a ripple effect in the ecosystem as a whole, resulting in a shortage of an essential food resource for birds, reptiles, amphibians, and small mammals.
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Brush Management

Plateau offers selective and ecologically sound Brush Management which maintains the integrity of the habitat for wildlife while enhancing the beauty of your property. Our skilled field technicians implement Brush Management techniques that are tailored to the habitat needs of your property. Forms of Juniper Brush Management include high intensity (dense) selective clearing and re-growth juniper control. Plateau also provides Mesquite, Yaupon, and Prickly Pear Control.
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Wildfire Vulnerability Assessments

WRA_WebsiteBanner-SansTextThe Wildfire Vulnerability Assessment takes a holistic look at your property to determine the relative wildfire threat to your home, barn, or other structures of interest. From this on-site consultation, our Certified Wildfire Ecology Specialists will then prepare a report to determine the wildfire vulnerability of your structures and the key factors that put them at risk. Finally, we’ll make specific recommendations that can help protect your home and reduce the threat of losing structures to wildfire.
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Bee photo 2 croppedBeekeeping qualifies as an Agricultural use enterprise in Texas open-space land appraisals. The Texas Tax Code Section 23.51(2) was recently amended to include in the definition of agricultural use “the use of land to raise or keep bees for pollination or for the production of human food or other tangible products having a commercial value, provided that the land used is not less than five or more than 20 acres.”
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