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Plateau products stand above the competition. Texas made and built to last, our products are designed to attract more wildlife to your land and keep you in compliance with the CAD. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about any of our products.

Platform Wild Bird Feeder

Encourage all types of wild birds including coveted songbirds, doves, turkeys, and others to flourish on your land with a durable and innovative feeder that stands above the competition. The Plateau Platform Wild Bird Feeder attracts, retains, and improves the bird population on your land with its smart and original design combining high quality with low maintenance.
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Quail & Small Wildlife Station

The Plateau Quail and Small Wildlife Station helps to attract, retain, and improve the bird and small wildlife population on your land with its smart design combining high quality with low maintenance.

Fully enclosed by 4″ x 4″ heavy gauge cattle panel, this system prevents non-target species, such as hogs and deer from consuming the food and water while also providing protection for smaller wildlife.
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Plateau Water Table 305

Attract more wildlife to your land with the rainwater collection system that sets the standard for Wildlife Management products. The Plateau Water Table 305 is a sturdy, steel-framed supplemental water source designed to provide years of use. Fulfills a ten-year credit for a Wildlife Management activity.
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Plateau Water Table 100

WT 100 (2)Because every landowner has different needs, we created the Plateau Water Table 100. This “little brother” to the 305 is a great option for smaller acreage properties, or when you want to economically deploy multiple smaller water sources. Fulfills a ten-year credit for a Wildlife Management activity.
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Property Maps

Maps are an essential tool for any landowner. From roads and water features to soil types and hydrology, it’s important to know exactly where your property features and assets are located. Plateau maps help you see your land from a new perspective and even identify previously unrealized value. Professionally designed by our in-house mapping technician with the latest GIS technology, you’ll be proud to display your Plateau map in your home, ranch, or business.
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Nest Boxes

Plateau offers quality, hand-crafted bird Nest Boxes designed for many songbird species such as wrens, titmouse, bluebirds, and chickadees. Plateau can provide species-specific boxes for wood ducks, woodpeckers, and owls. Installation available. Proper guidelines followed for species-specific nest boxes.
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Bird Feeder

Photo Jan 13, 12 31 12 PM ResizedCreate your own exhilarating bird watching experience by adding a Plateau Bird Feeder to your property. Plateau’s feeders are designed to attract several target species such as native songbirds. Installation includes 2.5 gallons of quality birdseed.
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