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Nest Boxes

Nest Boxes

Encourage coveted songbirds species such as wrens, titmouse, bluebirds and chickadees to flourish on your land with these one-of-a-kind, Texas-made Nest Boxes that stand above the competition.

Made of cedar and built by Texas-based craftsmen, these nest boxes offer shelter to many songbird species, as well as Wood Ducks, woodpeckers, Purple Martins, owls and other native wildlife species.

Plateau nest boxes can be professionally installed by our expert technicians to ensure they attract the intended species and meet the requirements of properties managed under a wildlife tax valuation.  To simplify your annual reporting activities, Plateau captures each nest box location with a GPS waypoint to record for future mapping.  We also take photos to document this wildlife activity and provide a completed field management log sheet that you can use to show Central Appraisal Districts in your annual report, or during an unexpected site inspection.  Installation is $15.00 per box plus trip mileage when done in this manner by a Plateau Field Technicians.

Wren Nest Box

Bluebird / Chickadee Nest Box

Titmouse Nest Box

Woodpecker Nest Box

The Owl Shack ™


Prices do not reflect sales tax, *plus mileage

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