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Get the same valuable tax savings enjoyed by landowners in Ag or Wildlife by managing for honeybees on your land!

Let the experts at Plateau assist you in planning and applying for an Open Space Valuation for Beekeeping.

Beekeeping now qualifies as an Agricultural use enterprise in Texas open-space land appraisals. The  Texas Tax Code Section 23.51(2) was recently amended to include in the definition of agricultural use “the use of land to raise or keep bees for pollination or for the production of human food or other tangible products having a commercial value, provided that the land used is not less than five or more than 20 acres.”

Beekeeping Open Space Valuation Planning and Filing for $995

Beekeeping is a complex operation that requires experience and education to be successful. With Plateau’s help, you’ll have all the information you need to get your beekeeping operation off the ground and running. Our close relationships with the Central Appraisal Districts will also ensure that you are getting the most up-to-date information on this new amendment to the Open-Space law as it continues to evolve.

Open-space Valuation filing for Beekeeping includes:Bee

  • A visit to your property by a Plateau Wildlife Biologist to assess your land’s potential for a beekeeping operation and discuss improvements for establishing bee habitat
  • A detailed report featuring:
    • An inventory of your land’s existing assets for establishing bees (favorable plants, soil types, etc.) and recommendations on improvements
    • Recommendations for establishing beekeeping on your property (hive types, required equipment, colony locations, maintenance, record-keeping, etc.) that meet your local requirements
    • An easy-to-understand outline of your CAD’s beekeeping requirements (requirements of city ordinances will also be included, if applicable)
    • A general cost estimate for establishing bee colonies on your property
  • Plateau’s professional representation of your 1-d-1 application to your CAD through the entire first-year submission process, including any troubleshooting that may arise
  • Maps of features relevant to establishing a bee operation on your property (planting areas, brush management regions, etc.)

Interested in Beekeeping? Check out our FAQs

What is the background on the Open-Space Tax Valuation for Beekeeping and what are the legal requirements?

In 2011, Texas legislators amended Tax Code Section 23.51(2) updating the 1-d-1 Open-Space Tax Valuation law to include beekeeping as an Agricultural Use. To qualify for an Open-Space Tax Valuation for Beekeeping, the legal requirements are as follows:

  • The land used for beekeeping must be between 5-20 acres.
  • The primary use of the land must be for agricultural production. The operation must produce a product with commercial value though the law does not require a commercial sale of the products. However, any commercial activity (sale of honey or other related products) will bolster your application.
  • The property must be devoted principally to agricultural use for 5 of the preceding 7 years. If you do not have any evidence of agricultural use within the last 2 years, it will take a full 5 years of beekeeping before you can receive the valuation.
  • In the year of application and thereafter the property must be devoted principally to agricultural use to the level of intensity typical for the area (typically between 6-12 hives).
  • There is no requirement that you must maintain your own hives, so a leasing operation where a third-party beekeeper maintains the appropriate number of hives on your property should fully qualify your land.
  • As with Ag, you must keep accurate records of all your beekeeping activities (honey production, maintenance schedules, etc.) to show the CAD you’re meeting their requirements.


What are the costs associated with starting a bee operation?

There are 3 ways to start a colony: buy an already established hive, buy a “nuc” (nuke) – and transfer it to an empty hive, or buy a package of bees – a queen and some workers – and transfer them to an empty hive. Your operation may also require other beekeeping equipment such as frames, supers, a bee brush, and smokers. AgriLife Extension estimates that the total cost of establishing one hive is $700-$1,000. This may sound expensive but considering that you will soon be saving up to 98% on your property taxes, this upfront investment will only amount to a small portion of your tax savings.


Why is it important to have a professionally prepared Open-Space application and plan for implementing beekeeping on my land?

Since the Open-Space Tax Valuation for Beekeeping amendment is so new, it is good to have a roadmap from which to work and reference. In fact, many of the CADs are still developing intensity levels and considering future rulemaking on this new open-space valuation (such as requirements associated with planting of appropriate pollen/nectar producing plants where naturally available vegetation may be limited). Establishing a relationship with a professional company like Plateau will ensure that you’ll be kept up-to-date on any changes in your local requirements. Additionally, many CADs recognize that landowners who choose to work with professionals are more likely to understand the rules of maintaining an Open-Space Tax Valuation and correctly fulfill its compliance guidelines.

A professional plan for implementation gives you the confidence to know that you can fulfill the requirements of Beekeeping year after year while meeting your property goals. It lays out a roadmap specific to your property, saving you the time and money of trying to figure this stuff out on your own.


Why is Plateau the best choice to prepare and file my application for an Open-Space Valuation for Beekeeping?

We’ve been in the land and wildlife management business since 1997, served over 200,000 clients, and our intimate relationship with the CADs will ensure you are meeting all of their newly developed and evolving intensity requirements. Your Plateau application is always written by a professional biologist and represented through the entire submission process. We will file your application with the CAD and track it to ensure they receive it, addressing any hiccups that may arise. At Plateau, we set you up for success.



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