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Annual Reports

Each year, Central Appraisal Districts (CADs) request annual reports from Texas landowners in Wildlife Management Valuation (“Wildlife Exemption”) as a way to ensure that landowners are in compliance with their wildlife management activities without having to visit their property.

With more and more CADs requesting this report every year, it is essential that qualifications are met and well documented for each year, and on all wildlife management properties. In addition to our traditional Annual Report preparation service,  Plateau offers several options to help give landowners guidance and peace of mind.


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Top 5 Reasons why you should consider a Plateau Annual Report

1. Plateau completes over 500 annual reports in 50+ Texas counties every year.

Our dedicated team of biologists and wildlife professionals has worked on annual reports for over 15 years, using our customized and professional layout. We meticulously follow the Texas Parks and Wildlife guidelines to ensure that your activities are being represented correctly. Before your annual report enters the hands of a Central Appraisal District representative for review, it’s already been through many more reviews by our team.

2. Your annual report may be the only proof the CAD ever sees to accept or deny your Wildlife valuation.

More and more CADs are requesting these reports instead of a site visit. It may be the ONLY evidence they look at to determine whether or not you are meeting the requirements of a Wildlife Management Tax Valuation. The report you send them could be your only chance to influence their ultimate decision to accept or deny your valuation.

3. We have a great reputation with the CADs.

We’ve been working with the CADs and providing these reports for over 15 years. They know us personally, they respect our work, and we know what they expect. It doesn’t hurt to have the Plateau name behind you when it comes to matters this important!

4. Plateau is there for you all year long, not just when annual reports are due.

We’ll send you periodic reminders throughout the year to make sure you’re keeping up with your documentation of your wildlife management activities. (You can send that documentation to us at any time – we’ll keep it on file and organized so that you don’t have to!)

As we near the end of the year, when annual reports are typically due, we’ll work diligently to catch any mistakes in your documentation and notify you if we feel that you may be in jeopardy of not meeting the minimum requirements as set forth by your CAD.

5. CADs can ask for annual reports up to five years back so it’s best to do one every year.

If the CAD does request annual reports from previous years, and you’ve never done one or maybe you skipped a year, you may find yourself scrambling to find and/or recreate old records. Whether your CAD asks for a report or not, having one on file can give you peace of mind and prevent future headaches. An annual report can also provide a wonderful history of your wildlife management activities. It’s something you can be proud to look back on in future years as you track your progress as a land steward.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a wildlife management plan and an annual report? A wildlife management plan is a report with information about your property, as well as suggested ideas for future wildlife management activities. It is something for the landowner to look back on and follow over the next five years. An annual report is tangible proof for the CAD to show that you are following through with your wildlife management plan. It is generally created per year, although it may cover multiple years. Some appraisal districts request an annual report in place of a site visit to your property.

Can you use my wildlife management plan to create the annual report? Unfortunately, no. Annual reports are specific to what activities were completed during the year, whereas a plan is more like a list of ideas. However, we can go through your plan and specify the questions that will need answering for the activities that were conducted on your property.

What activities can be listed in my annual report? Any wildlife management activities completed January 1st through December 31st.

What does an annual report consist of? Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPWD) 1-d-1 Open Space Agricultural Valuation – Wildlife Management Annual Report Form and supporting documentation

What is the purpose of the TPWD Annual Report Form? The form is essentially a summary of the activities the landowner (and/or Plateau) conducted on the property.

What type of supporting documentation do I need? The documentation should cover the who, what, when, where, and how of the activities recorded in the TPWD Annual Report Form. Documentation to explain these should include: logs, dates, receipts, harvest records, photos, and maps. The appraisal districts will not accept an annual report without documentation.

I did the same activities as last year. Do I need to send you more photos? Yes. We request photos each year because Central Appraisal Districts like to see that you are truly conducting/monitoring your wildlife management activities each year.

Can I send my documentation to you throughout the year? Of course! We will file your documentation until it is time to complete your report. This always makes finishing your annual report much easier as the deadline approaches.

How do you prefer to receive documentation? Whatever is easiest for you. As long as the deadline is not impending, you can drop by the office, mail, email annualreports@plateauwildlife.com, or fax (512-858-2652) documentation. Documentation can be mailed as hard copies or on a CD or flash drive. If the deadline is soon, the documentation will need to be emailed or faxed.

The 7 Wildlife Management Valuation Compliance Categories:  Habitat Control (habitat management), Erosion Control, Predator Control, Providing Supplemental Water, Providing Supplemental Food, Providing Supplemental Shelter, Making Census Counts to determine population

How many activities do I have to complete to qualify? State law requires that at least 3 activities be conducted each year and they must be chosen from no fewer than 3 of the 7 qualifying categories to maintain a wildlife management valuation.

How far back can the Central Appraisal District request an annual report? Appraisal districts can request an annual report as far back as 5 years or since you’ve been in wildlife, whichever is less. This is why we suggest landowners complete a report every year.


How do I know if I need to mail my annual report to the Central Appraisal District? You should receive a request letter from your appraisal district with the deadline stated. If you do not hear from the county, you can file the second copy away in case of a future request.

When is the deadline for my county? The deadline is stated in the request letter from your appraisal district. Most annual reports are due between January 1st and April 30th of the next year. However, some deadlines occur before the end of the year and some counties do not request every year.

Why is Plateau my best choice? Currently, Plateau completes over 400 annual reports a year for clients in 40+ counties around Texas. We have worked on annual reports for 10+ years and have created an organized and professional layout. At Plateau, we begin working on your annual report well before the deadline. Before the end of the year, Plateau takes the time to make sure each landowner is in compliance with the minimum of three activities and, if not, we can help them in completing more activities. We meticulously follow the TPWD guidelines to make sure that your activities are being represented correctly. Each appraisal district is contacted to determine their deadlines and we are always willing to assist landowners with any CAD-related questions they may have. Although annual reports are mostly for the Central Appraisal District, our annual reports are something you can be proud to look back on in future years. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have!

Annual Report for $495!!

A Plateau biologist prepares an Annual Report for your Central Appraisal District detailing all the wildlife management activities performed on your property.  Any supporting documentation you provide including photos, receipts, census reports, and Plateau-prepared maps will be included with the report to completely document all activities.

Other compliance and documentation related services:


Wildlife Management Activities Check-up for $395

A Plateau Ecological Services Technician, knowledgeable in CAD requirements and activity guidelines, will fully document and review your wildlife management activities on-site. This includes 2 hours on-site, copies of photos and other documentation collected, a map with activity locations, and a summary report of findings and recommendations. Monitoring nest box contents for use, documenting use, cleaning out old nesting material, and preparing nest boxes for breeding season can be included for an additional $10 per nest box.


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